Quin Er in the News

4th April 2018 Ex-DPP tipped to contest Seputeh seat 5th April 2018 若代表马华征士布爹.陈君儿矢打漂亮一仗 6th April 2018 雪希联议席分配 火箭或15+2席 11 April 2018 New but experienced 19 April 2018 Young and restless to serve 22 April 2018 【视频】国阵宣布直区13候选人 阿德南上阵敦拉萨镇 22 April 2018 (Announcement of candidates) Ge14: List of BN candidates for FT seats (Bernama) 13 Federal Territory BN candidates announced (New Straits Times) FT Barisan Nasional Announces 13 Candidates For GE14 (Malaysian Digest) BN’S FT LINEUP: Incumbent MP dropped, 6 new faces (Malaysia Chronicle) Calon muka baharu azam menangkan BN (Berita Harian) BN umum calon Wilayah Persekutuan (My Metro) BN umum calon Wilayah Persekutuan (Utusan) BN Wilayah Persekutuan baris enam muka baharu (Sinar Harian) BN Wilayah Persekutuan umum 13 calon PRU-14 (Kosmo!) 28 April 2018 Chan ready for underdog fight against Kok